Monday, July 31, 2017

*~*Baby Steps 4*~*

Baby - Steps 4. 
So far we are: Getting Dressed to lace-up shoes Keeping our sink shining  today I need to read FlyLady message's on her website. 

Today has been so interesting reading FlyLady's website, I have learned so much, my home is looking better and feeling better this really works. I am so grateful to FlyLady! 
I also bought a new zip up folder and some things to go in side so I can build my new Control Journal. 
I can't wait to get it started - picture will follow!
This is so much fun- I am loving it!
I have also found a wonderful FlyLady forum called - SHEForums and I am loving been apart of it!! Life is good - living the dream! SHE stands for **Sidetracked Home Executive** - it is so me!

Jilly oxoxo


Anonymous said...

Shall we encourage one another in this? my home needs a routine. Glenys <3

Jilly said...

That would be wonderful Glenys, I would love to do it!! How are you and yours?
Jilly oxoxo

Anonymous said...

I am at the shining sink reading the website again... but I am going to try to fly as my home needs it and it is easier to do the routines than try to plan it for myself- thanks to fibro fog! xx

Jilly said...

I have found that it is true, if I keep my sink shiny I stay on track with the rest of my home! It's strange that such a simple thing works so well. How are you going today?