Monday, November 28, 2016

*~*The Lattice is Up*~*

The top one is the before and the bottom one is the after. I like the after better.  I am now looking forward to planting out the flower beds around our little home and painting the pergola in the blue. I feel so wonderful that it is all coming together!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

*~*Making A Come Back and Loving It*~*

Hello, everyone. I have been missing from here for a while - life has been so busy with medical appointments, NDIS for my men folk and a wonderful holiday in NSW and Canberra, but I am hoping to make more posts starting from today.
My posts will be about everyday adventures, what I learn in my time with God and what I am musing about at "Pink Rose Cottage".
So, more later as I need to take some photos to show what I have been up to here, and what I am doing in our garden, with before and after photos. It will all happen tomorrow - so stay tuned.
Blessing and Love, Jilly.  (I managed to get the lattice up! You'll probably see photos soon - Antony) Thank you Honey, I love you and you have done a wonderful job; it looks beautiful.