Monday, November 28, 2016

*~*The Lattice is Up*~*

The top one is the before and the bottom one is the after. I like the after better.  I am now looking forward to planting out the flower beds around our little home and painting the pergola in the blue. I feel so wonderful that it is all coming together!


Shirlwin said...

I prefer the bottom picture:)

Jilly said...

Thank you Shirlwin, I do too.
On Friday the gardener is coming to help me work out how to processed, I am quite excited.😄 We have tons of Morning Glory in our garden if fact it has taken over and I can't wait to learn how to kill it! 😳 It is such a persistent weed; it is very invasive so it’s not too good. 😳
Hugs & Blessing!💗💗💗