Saturday, September 17, 2011

*~*My Heart Update*~*

My heart update is that my heart is doing really well. Praise God; and I am now on 9 different drugs and a patch so all in all things are going great!!!
I am now feeling like I have more energy and life is going on more with every day !!! I am now looking forward to getting more of my home straightened and life back on track; so slowly but surely it should all get done!!


Shirlwin said...

Great news Jilly! Now you can begin looking forward again:)

Jilly said...

Thank you Shirlwin, I am so happy to be looking forward again; God is so good!! Thank you for stopping by; how are you?

Karen's Korner said...

I hope that you continue to improve and start to get on tops of things again.

Jilly said...

Thank you Karen, I am doing well so life is good! Praise God!!